This Guy Just Got The MOST Disappointing Bag Of Chips & Our Hearts Go Out To Him

Photographed by Ruby Yeh.
We’re almost always disappointed when we open a brand new bag of chips. Despite being a near-perfect snack, it’s unusual that you get a bag that isn’t half full of just air. We know we should be used to this phenomenon by now seeing as we’ve been eating chips since we were old enough to snack, but our spirits still manage to be crushed every single time we pop open a bag. When this happens, we try to take comfort in the fact that there are still plenty of chips in the bag even if there aren’t quite as many as we expected. We try our best to look at the bags as half full. Unfortunately, one man recently opened a bag of chips and found something so devastating that he couldn't take this optimistic view.
Yesterday, a Facebook user named Helen Abbott posted a video of a man holding a small bag of chips. He shakes the bag, and it doesn't make the sound you would expect to hear from a decently filled package of chips. So, he opens up the bag to investigate. Once the package is opened, he laughs and shows the contents to the camera. Inside, there is only one single chip. Excuse us while we go scream into some pillows.
That was almost too upsetting to watch. When the folks overs at Mashable came across the video, they were so disturbed by the bag's pathetic contents that they reached out to the chip's brand Waitrose, to try and find out what the hell happened. Waitrose told Mashable, "We’re sorry for the disappointment and will be looking into what happened to the crisp's friends to make sure it doesn’t happen again." Okay, to be totally honest, we can't stay mad at anyone who anthropomorphizes food, but this is still a travesty. Our thoughts are with Abbott and that poor guy in the video for what they had to go through. We hope they found a more fulfilling snack elsewhere.

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