Disney Fans Are Freaking Out Over This Limited Edition Beauty & The Beast Tumbler

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
One of the best parts about Beauty and the Beast being remade in live action is all the incredible merchandise that has been released in anticipation of the premiere. For those of us who grew up on the animated version of the film, getting to check out all the new swag has been a thrill. Fans of the film who happened to be in Disneyland recently got a special opportunity to collect a limited edition Beauty and the Beast tumbler that is actually the cutest cup we've ever seen.
According to PopSugar, Disneyland's Village Haus restaurant has been temporarily transformed into The Red Rose Tavern. It was there that visitors lined up for hours to get their hands on the limited edition tumbler. You'll immediately recognize the cup's shape as that of the jar in which Beast's enchanted rose sits in the movie. And, in the middle of the tumbler is the enchanted rose itself. The fun features don't stop there. The top of the tumbler lights up making the flower twinkle just as it does in the film.
The tumbler originally cost $15, but unfortunately the Red Rose Tavern is already completely sold out. If you're still interested in adding one to your disney dish collection, you can head over to eBay, where some are still available. But, like with many sold-out collectors items, the prices have been hiked up quite a bit. The cheapest one is going for $44, and the most expensive is listed for a whopping $179.99. Hey, if you love Beauty and the Beast enough to drop that amount on one tumbler, go for it. We're too distracted by the twinkly lights to judge.

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