A Taco Truck Just Saved The Day For These Hungry People Stuck In Traffic

Photo: Getty Images.
Is there anything in this world more infuriating than being stuck in traffic? Helplessly sitting in a traffic jam absolutely has to be one of the most annoying parts of the modern human experience, and that is why what one taco truck did recently was truly heroic.
According to Time, a few days ago, a propane tanker truck rolled over and caused all lanes of the I-5 and I-90 freeways to shut down near downtown Seattle. Naturally, a huge traffic jam resulted from incident, and people's cars were stuck going nowhere for several hours. Think about how miserable you'd feel if you were stuck in that mess. Now, consider how hungry you'd be.
Well, luckily a Seattle-based taco truck called Tacos El Tajin was also in the midst of the traffic jam, and the workers inside decided to help out those they were stranded with. To the delight of many, Tacos El Tajin started serving food, which made the whole painful experience a little bit more tolerable. A man named Armetris Lindsey posted a photo of his burrito to Facebook and wrote in the caption, "It saved my life, we were starving."
Several news sources spread the word to marooned commuters thanks to one woman named Rachel McQuade who tweeted out a photo of the truck along with an explainer that read "Best business – they were very nice and happy!! They are taking debit cards!!"
If there's anything that could make you feel better about being trapped on the freeway, it's probably tacos because tacos are just the best. So thank you Tacos El Tajin. You're doing important work.

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