Why This Woman Tells Every Tinder Match About Her Dad Who Just Died

Three weeks ago, comedian Jenn Welch lost her dad. But her take on mourning may just rewrite the five stages of grief. Cosmopolitan reports that recently, she changed her Tinder bio to read, "I'm a comedian. My dad just died."
Grief via Tinder is certainly a new way to look at death, but Welch is taking it in stride. While she's in no place to start a relationship or even deal with hookups, she is ready to joke about it and document the entire thing on Instagram and Tumblr at Dead Dad Tinder. Welch is posting some of the best responses to her Tinder profile on the social media sites and using comedy to cope.
"Ten years ago, I would be getting into a really horrible relationship right now, I'd want somebody there to make me feel better," Welch told Cosmo. "That, to me, is the honesty in this joke. I'm just gonna be like, Hey my dad just died, and see what happens. I don't know if that's more mature [than jumping into a relationship], but it's definitely funnier. It's definitely less painful."
The responses range from messages of sympathy...
...to propositions and offers to collaborate.
Of course there are the vulgar pricks, too.

OMG HAHA THIS GUY HAS AN ALIVE DAD AND I DON’T. #deaddadsclub #tinder #dating #grief #comedy

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Welch insists that she's not using men as the punchline to any sort of joke. Instead, she sees the whole situation as one big laugh. Welch explains that the responses may be awkward, but adds that they're helping her deal with the passing of her father by giving her a project to work on. Instead of moping and feeling depressed, she's putting her feelings and vulnerability right out in the open and seeing how guys respond.
She doesn't know what she'll do with the account in the future, but for now, she's using it in the best way possible: to find a lighthearted respite from something truly devastating.

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