Papa John’s Is Testing A $3 Fee To Skip The Line

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Impatient pizza fans, rejoice! Papa John's is testing out a new feature that'll give hungry customers a chance to bump their orders to the front of the line. Dubbed PapaPriority, the chain is testing the new feature now in select markets.
According to the Associated Press, Papa John's announced the initiative last September on Reddit. By paying the $2.99 PapaPriority fee, your pizza order will get priority over others, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the delivery person will be speeding through red lights to get your your pies. Instead, PapaPriority only affects in-store operations. The service guarantees that your pizzas will made faster and out for delivery sooner than those who don't opt for PapaPriority.
On Papa John's site, the brand explains that "that there might be some situations where you would like your pizza a little faster on busy nights when there might be a longer wait due to the number of orders at the restaurant."
PapaPriority is still undergoing testing, so your local spot might not offer it just yet. Even at locations that do offer the service, its availability will depend on the day, too. In short, it's not going to be on offer all the time. Papa John's notes that the $2.99 PapaPriority fee is in addition to the chain's normal delivery fee. It's also limiting PapaPriority orders to five per night at every location. So if you're not opting for this pizza fast pass, your order isn't getting pushed back too far.
Consumerist reports that those who have the service available to them aren't exactly offering up glowing reviews. One Facebook user mentioned that PapaPriority not only doubles the delivery fee, it affects everyone from the employees in-store to the delivery person and could diminish tips. Consumerist also adds that just because pizzas are getting preferential treatment doesn't mean that they'll arrive before a certain time. So it looks like PapaPriority has a few kinks to work out before it's rolled out to every location. But hey, if you're really hungry, ponying up that extra $3 may be worth it.

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