Allow Yourself To Be Hypnotized By This Bacon Chopping Machine

They say it's better not to see how the sausage gets made, and we definitely believe that old adage. But, it turns out, it's actually pretty fun to watch one a specific step of the other primary breakfast meat getting made. We recently came across a GIF on Reddit that shows one important part in the bacon makin' process. The GIF, which was posted by a Redditor known online as BulletAllergy, is aptly entitled "The bacon chopping machine." When we first clicked the link, we were immediately sucked in by a continuous conveyer belt of bacon being sliced by a gigantic slinging blade. See for yourself:
We told you it was mesmerizing. The post, which was put up on Reddit less than 24 hours ago, has already received over 44,200 upvotes and over 2,000 comments. Like any good Reddit post, those comments included some random jokes and some weirdly interesting info about this magical bacon machine. A user named C137-Morty asked, "Do they just line the machine with pigs? That's an insane amount of meat." We're sure he or she was not totally serious, but we, too, were curious where all this pork came from. And, of course, another Redditor had an answer. the_original_Retro responded, "Nope. The machine is spreading the individual slices out so they're easy to remove one at a time from their future packaging. That's the results of just one pork belly right there. For proof, look behind at how thick the slab of meat is, then look on the table to see how thin it is there." Seriously, go back and look at the giant slabs right behind the blade to be impressed all over again. Sign us up to watch the bacon get made anytime. Or, maybe just this step of the process.

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