The Secret Shamrock Drink You Need To Be Ordering At McDonald's

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
It's only been a month since we found out that McDonald's was adding four brand new Shamrock Shakes to its menu in anticipation of the glorious green holiday that is Saint Patrick's Day. We were still working on trying the full line of festive beverages, when PopSugar let us know that there is yet another Shamrock drink we may not have heard about. This one is simply known as the Shamrock Iced Coffee, and it hasn't be advertised alongside the other new menu items. A McDonald's employee told PopSugar that despite its secretive status, this iced coffee is the most popular Shamrock drink after the OG Shamrock Shake. When we heard that, we knew we had to give it a try.
So, how exactly do we go about getting a taste? Apparently, the Shamrock Iced Coffee is offered on some touchscreen self-ordering kiosks. But, if your local McDonald's doesn't have those self-ordering stations, you can ask for it in person. Simply order an iced coffee with McCafé Mint Mocha Flavored Syrup added. Yep, it's that easy to order and usually costs justt $2. You can expect coffee mixed with sweet chocolate and a bold kick of mint. Excuse us while we add this to our growing list of Shamrock drinks to order. Of course, this particular variation is getting bumped to the top.

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