This Guy Tried Ruth Bader Ginsberg's Workout Routine & It Was Crazy-Intense

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We can all agree that Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the most badass Supreme Court justice around. Not only does she sit on the country's highest court, she's an author, an inspiration to little girls, and she knows when to apologize, too. That's a pretty big deal. But did you know that she's a physical badass, as well? One Politico writer decided to try RBG's workout — straight from the justice's personal trainer — and (barely) lived to tell the tale.
Politico reporter Ben Schreckinger (self-descried as "young and reasonably fit") enlisted Bryant Johnson, who trains Ginsberg as well as two other justices, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, to put him through the exact same workout as RBG.
Johnson didn't go easy on him, either. As they go through Ginsberg's personal fitness routine, which was captured on video, we can see him huffing and puffing. Johnson explains that he works out with Ginsberg twice a week, with one-hour sessions on the books. She watches the news and he stealthily increases the weight during her leg extensions and counts "funny" — meaning he adds a few reps here and there.
Schreckinger describes the workout, which includes leg curls and presses, chest flies, and lat pull-downs. There are stretching sessions between each muscle group. "I performed three sets of seated rows and three sets of standing rows," Schreckinger wrote. "It was so many rows I asked Johnson, 'What about Wade?'" Puns, workouts, and Ginsberg? It's all there.
He also tried to get information about the bench from Johnson, but he didn't offer up any clues. "I stay in my lane," he said. Johnson did, however, tell Schreckinger that RBG manages two sets of 10 push-ups, which he endured through grunts and struggles. He continued with one-legged squats, planks, and balance work on a Bosu ball and bench (not the Supreme Court bench). Overall, Politico's guinea pig managed to survive Ginsberg's hour-long workout, though it took him 90 minutes and he finished "panting and red in the face."
When he asked Johnson if the workout was appropriate for, ahem, more mature individuals, he said that while it was definitely not easy, the workout keeps Ginsberg in peak condition for all the lawmaking she has to do. He declined to comment when Schreckinger asked if President Donald Trump would be able to finish the same routine.
Check out the whole exercise regimen in Politico's video, below.

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