Milo Ventimiglia Says We'll Need The Day Off Work After The Next This Is Us

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
It looks like this week's episode of This is Us is set to be major. Ahem, when isn't it? How can we be sure about this one? Milo Ventimiglia, who plays everyone's favorite papa Jack Pearson on the NBC tearjerker, gave us all an absence letter for the work and school that we'll be missing while we recuperate from the emotional feels.
This morning, the actor posted a photo on Twitter showing off a pretty standard absence letter. You know the one: your school demanded them after you missed a day and you tried to forge plenty of them in the early morning rush before bio class.
There aren't many spoilers to glean from the cut-and-dry note, but there are some clues. Ventimiglia's face is clean-shaven. Time jump? Maybe. The note mentions that the episode will be "very emotional." After last week's Kevin-Randall situation, can it get even more tearier?
Also note that Ventimiglia's penmanship has some unique quirks, too. Those Es look questionable, but we'll give him a pass since he's being so generous with this letter.
The addition of the hashtag #papapearsonlovesyou seals the deal for us, because #weloveyourightbackpapapearson. We can't wait for tonight's episode.

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