This Woman Got Real About Exercise In A Relatable Viral Video

Let's face it: Exercising can be hard. You get all sweaty and short of breath and sometimes, your muscles protest with incredibly painful muscle cramps. We exercise because it's good for us and can improve our moods but that doesn't mean we always like it. Well, Antonella The Uncensored Reviewer is here to say what we all think while exercising, with maybe just a few extra swear words thrown in. The comedienne posted a video to her YouTube page recently reviewing an exercise DVD called "Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz." "I need three minutes on my belly, let me tell you," Antonella said in the video. So she put on the video and started her workout. At first everything was going well, Antonella said. She thought maybe she found the exercise program for her. "Then do you know what she fucking said," Antonella said. "'Well done everybody, that's the warm up.'" "That's the fucking warm up!? I'd rather die 10 years earlier," Antonella said, effectively summing up how most of us have felt about exercise at some point. Her point is made even more hilariously accurate by the fact that she does the review completely naked, laying in bed, and clutching her inhaler. Watch Antonella's full review below.

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