This College Student's Mom Sent Him A Box Of Trash To Make A Point

This is Connor Cox, 18, a student at Westminster College in Pennsylvania (with his friend Amanda).
And this is the box of trash his mom sent him in the mail.
Teen Vogue reports that when Connor was home in Maryland for winter break, his mom Terri assigned him a few chores — the same kinds of things he used to do around the house in high school. One of those chores was taking out the trash in his bedroom. Guess what Connor didn't do?!

So his mom decided to play a little prank: She put all of his garbage in a box and mailed it to him at college. Connor took it in stride, though. He posted on Twitter: "Thought my mom was sending me a care package...but instead she sent me a box of trash I was supposed to take out," along with a photo of the trash.

"When I first got the package, I was thrilled because I love getting mail from home," Connor told Teen Vogue. "Then I opened it and realized what it was."

Connor's sister Mackenzie made sure to clarify: "Actually it was the trash you left on your floor. she was v proud of herself," she tweeted.
In the end, there were no hurt feelings. "I called my mom after and we shared a laugh, but she also reminded me of why she did it," Connor said. "My mom has never done anything like this before, but she has a great sense of humor so it didn't particularly surprise me."

Next time pick up your trash, Connor! Geez.


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