Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Says Her Coworkers Signed Her Up

Ray Tamarra / Getty Images
Bachelorette-to-be Rachel Lindsay wasn't a fan of the show before she was cast. She has a high paying job as a corporate lawyer and presumably doesn't need the help finding someone. Then again, who knows. We're not living her life. She tells People that she was just a complete ingenue. Just wandered into the woods of reality TV like Hansel and Gretel, apparently. “Obviously I knew about the show and I was aware of it. I’ve attended watch parties because every single job I’ve been a part of has had watch parties,” she tells the magazine. “I never understood what was going on.” Well, Rachel, it's kind of right there in the name. One of the more self-explanatory titles on TV, I would say. She continues the charade, claiming she didn't sign herself up. “My coworkers actually signed me up for The Bachelor and were like, ‘You’ve got to go to this casting call.’ So once that process happened, I started to tune in more.” Rachel. Come on. There's no shame. You're on TV. You made it. You don't have to pretend anymore.

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