Twitter Is At War Over This Cookie Controversy

I fight an internal battle every time I hit the bakery aisle at my local supermarket. I have never not been tempted to buy those frosted sugar cookies. The buttercream frosting, the fluffy, cake-like texture of the cookie...what's there not to love?

Apparently a lot, according to some (wrong) people on the internet. Twitter is currently locked in a war over the best cookies ever, and I'm already screen-printing my #TeamDelicious T-shirt.

Buzzfeed reported the drama. Apparently, the whole thing started because Taylor Haugen, a 21-year-old from Wisconsin, dared to call the delicious cookies "bottom of the barrel." She wrote:

"its that time of year again when stores sell these bottom of the barrel, flavorless piece of shit things they have the nerve to call cookies"
I am calling Haugen out for all of the things, because, one, the cookies are sold year-round as they damn well should be. Secondly, if they're flavorless, then all sugar cookies are because THAT IS THE FLAVOR, TAYLOR.

My fellow humans with working taste buds took to Twitter to chew Haugen out:
Yet others dared to supply alternative facts about the cookies:
The audacity of some people. I'd be stressed about this whole thing, but, hey: more cookies for me.

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