Sprite’s Newest Flavor Is EXACTLY What The People Want

Photo: Courtes of Coca-Cola.
If you've ever used a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, you probably delighted in being able to play mixologist. Lime Diet Coke? Done. Orange Sprite? Not a problem. Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero? Don't mind if I do. But while you were there testing, re-testing, and picking out your favorite combos, those Freestyle machines were collecting data. No, not for nefarious purposes, mind you. Sprite just announced its newest flavors, Cherry Sprite and Cherry Sprite Zero, and revealed how they were chosen. Curious? Cherry Sprite was the most popular option on those machines. While these modern-day soda jerks may still seem new to some, the Coca-Cola Company has been using the Freestyle machines for the past eight years. Using info culled from those machines, the company found that people really wanted Cherry Sprite. "There’s proven data that people actually love it," Bobby Oliver, director of Sprite & Citrus Brands for Coca-Cola North America, told BuzzFeed. "It's not just a survey where people say yes or no." Cherry Sprite and Cherry Sprite Zero are the newest additions to the Sprite family in over a decade. While there have been some limited-edition offerings, Oliver says that the cherry versions are here to stay. He describes the soft drink as "lemon lime, with a twist of cherry flavor" and adds that it stays true to the spirit of the original Sprite. Cherry Sprite also marks the very first time that a Freestyle product has climbed the ranks to become part of the permanent lineup. It's available now — and people are already drinking up.

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