Nick Viall’s Descriptions Of Remaining Bachelor Contestants Are The Absolute Worst

In a shocking development, the star of a show where dozens of women compete for his affection doesn't have the healthiest attitude towards women. The Bachelor Nick Viall played a word association game with ABC News that he accurately predicted would be "disastrous." At least we can give him credit for self-awareness. But you'll be shocked to hear that Nick didn't praise each woman's intelligence. Here are his responses. Corinne is a "firecracker," Danielle M. is "sweet," Kristina is "precious," Rachel is "impressive," Raven is "fascinating," and Vanessa is "stunning." We'll give him "impressive" and "fascinating," as those indicate genuine regard and interest in another human being. I'll say that whenever I've described someone as "interesting," that's generally a way of calling them an asshole, but let's move on. "Precious," "firecracker," and "stunning" are not indicative of getting to know people well. They're indicative of standing in a too-loud club while your buddies ask you what you think of girls walking around the dance floor. You can't hear, so you just describe them in sort of anodyne ways. But he's supposed to know these people! These are the last six contestants for his heart. Nick, get it together, dude.

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