Chipotle Customers Want To Know What’s Up With This Ingredient

You never want to bite into a delicious meal and find something unexpected, especially if it's a dish as tasty as a burrito and you've been looking forward to chowing it down all day. Recently, though, quite a few Chipotle lovers have been finding a surprise ingredient in their meals. HelloGiggle recently pointed out this trend, which has been hard to ignore since so many people are tweeting the @ChipotleTweets account about it. Here are just a few.
If you're somewhat of a cook, you may recognize this unexpected component as a bay leaf. As far as food surprises go, having a bay leaf in your burrito bowl is pretty mild. Still, if you accidentally get a bite of one of these, it's not going to leave a very pleasant taste in your mouth. And, if you didn't know what the leaf was, it could, understandably, really freak you out. Bay leaves, which are often used to flavor stocks, soups, and more, are perfectly safe to eat, but they're often tough and have a bitter taste so you wouldn't want to purposely eat one. Chipotle recognizes that and responded to many of their customers' tweets clarifying what the leaf is and apologizing. If you get a bit of bay leaf in your next burrito, don't panic, but it might be worth tweeting @ChipotleTweets to let them know to be more careful.

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