Fans On Twitter Demand Season 2 Of Sweet/Vicious & We Definitely Need It

Photo: MTV
Sweet/Vicious has yet to be renewed for a season 2, and fans are not okay with that. Armed with the hashtag #RenewSweetVicious, loyal viewers of the MTV series are sharing their need for more of vigilante duo Jules (Eliza Bennett) and Ophelia (Taylor Dearden). But this is about more than a need for television closure: Sweet/Vicious is an act of protest wrapped in a candy-colored bow, and it needs more time to tell its story. The series may be about two vigilantes taking down the rapists on their college campus, but beneath its Batman-like narrative, the show feels realer than ever. Sweet/Vicious tackles the aftermath of sexual assault in a way that's often so honest it's disturbing. It focuses not only on how Jules and other survivors deal with their trauma, but in how the school reacts (or, in many cases, doesn't) to the crimes committed against its students. It explores the nuances of sexual assault: How troubling it can be to have your rapist be someone you once considered a friend, or the subtle ways the trauma can come back full-force when triggered by particular events.
Campus rape is an uncomfortable problem to address on TV — but it's also one that's happening, and needs to be discussed. Sweet/Vicious may be fiction, but it's also a program that empowers survivors, and holds a less-than-flattering mirror up to administrations who side with rapists over victims in order to protect their own bottom line. It's a TV show that unapologetically calls for justice — and in troubling times, it's exactly what we need.

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