The Dog Bachelor Is Better Than The Human Bachelor, Don't @ Us

This year's season on the human Bachelor has been a little slow. Nick's impromptu Red Wedding notwithstanding, there hasn't been much of anything going on that doesn't involve Corinne putting the season on her back. Seriously, we all owe her a debt of gratitude.

A Santa Fe, New Mexico animal shelter has provided the perfect counterpoint, with a dog Bachelor. The dog, as you'll see, is an extremely good boy. A much better boy than Nick Viall, and more handsome. No shots at Nick Viall, but he's not as good as an extremely good dog.

“He’s an amazing bachelor," animal shelter videographer Jamie Merideth told local news station KRQE of the good dog. "He has the look, just very handsome.”

The dog, who is good, inspired a lot of warring among the women vying for his attention. He, the good dog, witnesses some emotional violence unheard of outside televised love competition.

Watch the video below.

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