SNL‘s First Original Scripted Show On Snapchat Is About Boycotting Trump

Every passing weekend makes it more and more clear that one hour is just not enough Saturday Night Live. But now there's a solution. The variety show made its Snapchat debut on Friday with a video titled "Boycott." Starring Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett, the short is every bit as funny and charming as the ones we see on TV. The first installment, written by co-head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider and Bryant, takes the people protesting President Trump these past few weeks to the extreme, showing how things can get totally out of control.
Bryant and Bennett play a couple returning from a protest who realize that everything they do and own has some connection to Trump. They can't take an Uber because the company took advantage of the taxi strike at JFK protesting Trump's immigration order, and they can't take a Lyft because one of the investors is a Trump supporter. That's all pretty reasonable, but it just gets worse. They can't have a drink because their favorite beers are linked to Trump — the same goes for macaroni and cheese, Facebook, and Bed Bath & Beyond. They end up boycotting so many things that they end up naked on their front lawn. "What are we doing?" Bryant asks. "This isn't accomplishing anything — nothing is going to change!"
But, as we all know, something did change. The Uber CEO stepped down from Trump's economic advisory council, justifying the couple's extreme actions. "It worked!" Bennett cries. "Our voices matter! They listen, we're not crazy!" The jury's still out on that, and they should probably put on some pants while they wait. Watch the full short over on Snapchat Discover!

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