Nick Viall Admitted That The Bachelor Is Boner Central

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Listen, it's no secret that the average male regularly achieves erections. But this is not a fact that The Bachelor, the popular ABC reality show, likes to advertise. The dating show prefers to clutch its pearls and play at chastity. Searching for sexual hints (like, say, boners) on the show is an enjoyable pastime because the producers, editors, and crew try their darned best to obscure them. (Strategic blurs and cutaways are handy ways to hide these clues.) This season, though, has been a bit more sexual. There's boob talk, there's sex talk, and there's been several mentions of a platinum vagina. It seems boners are the natural conclusion to the show's sexual awakening. And, lo and behold, last night we got boner talk. Nick Viall, during a game of Never Have I Ever for Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live, admitted that he has to disguise his arousal during group dates. Cohen prompted, "Never have I ever gotten a boner on a group date and had to hide it from the other girls." (For this game, the player has to shine a flashlight on their face if in fact they have ever done the deed.) Viall's response was immediate. "I — definitely, definitely, yes," he said, shining the flashlight on his face. He gave a quick nod as if to add: "D'oh!" Of course, in our heart of hearts, we knew this to be true. It's just titillating to hear a member of Bachelor Nation address the body so directly. Not that we need Viall to point at his groin and holler each time he gets aroused, but it's good to know that he's just like most us. Surrounded by potential mates, his libido is a little overstimulated (or understimulated, I suppose, depending on his lifestyle.) In the same segment, Viall cops to farting on camera — again, obvious — and having hooked up with another member of Bachelor nation outside of any show. Watch the full clip, below.

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