This Restaurant Is Serving The Most Playful Lego-Shaped Burgers

If you grew up playing with Legos, spending hours and hours building massive skyscrapers, mansions, and landmarks, there's a new burger joint you're going to want to try. According to Eater, a restauranteur named Jergs Correa wanted to pay homage to the popular childhood toy so he opened a place called Brick Burger.

Inside Brick Burger, there are incredible Lego displays and you can even build with the tiny toy bricks while you wait. But, the most notable feature of the restaurant is, as it should be, the food. At Brick Burger, burgers with Lego-shaped buns are served in a variety of colors. Not only do these brick burgers look fun, they come with unusual and enticing ingredients. Take for instance "The Cheesy Mac," which has macaroni and cheese and bacon bits on top of the patty.

If you're not so much into the colorful burgers, there are plenty of other menu items like wings, pasta, and hot dogs. So, Brick Burger pretty much has something for everyone, whether you're looking to tap back into the playfulness of childhood or are content with just sticking to the usual. The only catch is that the restaurant is located in the Philippines. Bummer, we know. Still, you can get a little glimpse of all the amusing food on Instagram. Take a look.

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