Get Ready To Slow Grind, VH1 Is Making A Jodeci Biopic

Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty.
The controversial R & B group Jodeci is next in line to receive the biopic treatment. According to former group member Dalvin DeGrate (better known as Mr. Dalvin), the script for the film is already done and production starts next month. Mr. Dalvin confirmed these details alongside former bandmate JoJo during what appears to be a radio interview. He uploaded a clip to his Instagram page. According to the pair, VH1 will air the movie as early as later this year.

Viacom is clearly riding a wave of '90s nostalgia. This news comes after the success of The New Edition Story, which aired in three parts just last month on BET, and news that the network will also be making a scripted series based on the coming-of-age story of rapper Nas. The media giant, which also owns VH1, is clearly committed to a diverse stroll down memory lane.

This is a trend that I can get with. The R&B of the '90s will always have a unique place in Black pop culture. Unlike with many pop stars from that same era, we recognized the greatness of groups like Boyz II Men, New Edition, and Jodeci almost immediately. Their classics will be to us what Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass are to our parents. I’m happy to see an investment in memorializing their careers as well.

As for Jodeci, the explicit lyrical content of its tracks was known to cause some people to clutch their pearls, so I can't wait to know more about what the guys were up to backstage. I think they should call it "Sex, Sweat & R & B: The Jodeci Story." Just one suggestion.

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