This Teen Has A Genius Way Of Tracking Her Mental Health

Do you know how you felt yesterday? What about the day before? A week ago? While most of us can remember our moods in the short-term, it can be difficult to see emotional trends over time. Yet, keeping track of emotions is important to understanding your mental health.

That's why 16-year-old Kyra Bailey found a brilliant way to keep track of her emotions day-to-day.

Bailey created a pixel chart to track her mood every day in 2017. She uses different colors to mark the day: Red for fantastic days, pink for stressed days, yellow for average days, etc.

Bailey has been using this system since January 8, but it recently went viral when her brother found the chart taped to her closet mirror and posted it to Twitter.
People love Bailey's tracker. At the time of writing, her brother's tweet had 14,000 likes and 7,000 retweets and Bailey has inspired other people on Twitter to start their own charts.

Bailey told BuzzFeed News that she couldn't believe the response to her tracker, but is glad others have been inspired to keep track of their emotions as well, since it has been so helpful for her.

“Using the tracker really helps my mental health, it makes me feel like every day I’m a new person,” Bailey told BuzzFeed.

So far, Bailey has had several fantastic days. Here's hoping for many more.


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