Margot Robbie Plays A Perfect Pissed Off Tonya Harding

Photo: Jim Smeal/REX/Shutterstock.
Margot Robbie is in the midst of filming her latest movie, I, Tonya, which could be described as the complete opposite of her big 2016 movie, Suicide Squad. The two lead roles — one as as figure skater Tonya Harding and the other as DC Comics villain Harley Quinn — don't appear to have any similarities (one's based on real life and the other on a comic), but they do share one big character trait: their fiery tempers.

In a clip on TMZ, Robbie can be seeing in the middle of filming a scene where she is freaking out at a group of judges. She's wearing a baby pink ice skating outfit with her hair up in a '90s scrunchie. And she's pissed. In the scene, which appears to have been secretly recorded, Robbie (in her American accent) is heard asking why the judges aren't giving her a fair shot. "Hey, how do I get a fair shot here? 'Cause I'm up at five every morning, working my ass off," she says in character, adding "Does someone wanna just tell me to my face you're never gonna give me the scores I deserve?"

And then it gets good. Robbie, as Harding, really lays into the judges, whose whispered responses can't be heard in the video. "I don't give a shit if they've been at it longer. I out-skated 'em today!" she yells. She goes for a grand finale as she skates away screaming "SUCK MY DICK!" It's fantastic, especially because after watching how the real Harding interacted with judges and her team during a skating competition, you see just how on the nose Robbie's portrayal is.

As many know, Harding's name is infamous for her Winter Olympic scandal, where she and her boyfriend at the time paid men to injure her main competition, Nancy Kerrigan, right before an event. She ended up pleading guilty for conspiracy and avoided jail time. It is one of the most scandalous sports-related events of the century. And I can't wait to see the movie.

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