This Cricket Commentator Called Into A Match During His Vasectomy

You might think you're committed to your job, but are you do-the-job-at-the-same-time-as-surgery committed? Cricket commentator Mike Lane is, because he just called in to commentate a cricket match at the same time as getting a vasectomy.
Broadcasted live on Facebook, the vasectomy took place during the New Zealand-Australia match on Sunday. In one hand, Lane streamed the game. In the other, he spoke into the phone. Downstairs, a doctor cut his vas deferens. All in a day's work. If you're marveling at Lane's commitment to the sport, then you probably won't be surprised to hear he's a part of The Alternative Commentary Collective, a group of "cricketing cult heroes" that "provide ball-by-ball commentary and uninformed analysis to Kiwi cricket fans around the world." Not only can you watch the whole procedure go down, you can hear just what it sounded like to be on the receiving end of the commentary via Soundcloud. Skip to 18:40 if you want to hear Lane's just might want to do it with headphones.

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