The New Environmentally-Friendly Alternative To Produce Stickers

Raise your hand if you've ever bitten into an apple only to realize you've just chomped down on that pesky produce sticker. I've certainly done it, and who can blame me? A crisp apple is just too inviting to take the time to scour its skin for stickers. Aside from being a time-waster and a choking hazard to us over-eager fruit eaters, those plastic produce stickers are also not great for the environment. And that, my friends, is why there's a new alternative in town. Laserfood, a company based in Spain, is using laser printing to place a "natural brand" on produce. Engraving information on the fruit or vegetable's skin eliminates the need for plastic stickers. In fact, Fresh Produce Journal reports that with help from Laserfood's technology, the Swedish retailer ICA will be able to get rid of 725,000 plastic stickers this year, which comes to around 220km of plastic.
Photo: Courtesy of Laserfood.
Not only is Laserfood good for the environment, it also makes things easy for you, the consumer. According to FoodBeast, the natural branding system does not harm or alter the produce. The labeled part of the skin is also completely safe to eat, which means you'll never again have to think twice before diving into that enticing apple.

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