Pillsbury Just Announced Its Next Cookie & We're All About It

What do you do when you have a sugar craving, but you don't know which sweet treat you want to eat? My solution is to go to the store and get a tube of cinnamon rolls and a tube of cookie dough. Then, my roommates and I eat the cookie dough with a spoon while we wait for the cinnamon rolls to bake. No joke, this happens at least once a month. It's a pretty good tactic when you're in the midst of a sugar emergency, but Pillsbury is about to release something that will work even better: Cinnabon-inspired cinnamon roll cookies.
Yesterday, JunkBanter posted a photo of this new limited-edition product from Pillsbury on Instagram. Based on the packaging, these cinnamon roll cookies are made with cinnamon dough and even have cream cheese flavored chips sprinkled throughout. Plus, these Cinnabon-inspired treats are part of Pillsbury's ready to bake line, which means little effort on your end. It was probably a good idea on Pillsbury's part to make these cookies limited-edition because they look so tasty and easy to make, we might have given up on buying actual cinnamon rolls altogether.

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