Mariah Carey Really Tests My Patience In Mariah’s World

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Mariah Carey must think we're all idiots. The singer, who recently gave approximately 1/2 of a shit while performing on New Years Eve, is back at it again, this time giving 1/4 of a shit. In the promo for the final episode of Mariah's World, her docuseries, or rather "docu"series, on E!, the 46-year-old performer engaged in an extremely longing, emotional, and totally fake conversation with her love interest slash backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka. It's unclear if Carey is breaking up with Tanaka? Or merely leading him on more? Or just having a nice chat surrounded by a team of producers and studio lights? Instead of explaining exactly what went down, I will just extract my favorite Carey quotes from the completely fabricated interaction. All I have to say is: Where's the cue card? 1. "I don’t even know what I think anymore." 2. "Sometimes people aren't meant to be happy. They're just meant to exist." 3. "Look — the sprinklers are coming on." 4. "You make me smile." Then they walk off together. Carey also makes this mischievous face throughout the entire conversation and basically stares right into the camera. She knows we know.
Photo: Courtesy of E!.
Anyways, why not also watch the full clip, below.

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