This Badass Woman Just Bench-Pressed 325 Pounds In Front Of A Bunch Of Football Players

If you're struggling to get the energy to get up and grab your remote or run some errands at the grocery store, then all the inspiration you need is in this video. Powerlifter Jennifer Thompson visited Liberty University’s football training center recently, where she beat her personal record by bench pressing 325 pounds. 325 pounds? That's like lifting an entire sofa or four very large labradors. What's even better was that Thompson didn't do it alone. No, she did it in front of an entire football team, who was cheering her along the way. I mean, there's just something thrilling about watching a woman benchpress an incredible about of weight in front of a room of burly men. It was made even better by the fact that they were all were supporting each other. While this video will surely keep you inspired all week, Thompson has a whole YouTube channel filled with other lifts and feats of strength that you can watch if you're ever feeling low. For instance, here's the athlete doing reps of 225 pounds.
And here's a 555-pound heavy squat hold.
And, boom. Whatever it is you're putting off suddenly looks like a piece of cake.

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