This Sex Toy Comes With Breakup Insurance

Photographed by Megan Madden
While a sex toy that comes with a 24k ring of gold may seem a little extravagant, buying a Tiani 24k is actually the most responsible purchase you could make. That's because the toy, from the brand Lelo, comes with couples' insurance, which is exactly what you've always wished existed — insurance just in case you and the partner that you're buying it with break up. Each Lelo Tiani 24k massager is manufactured with a unique "identifying number" engraved into the gold ring, so you and your partner know it's special between just the two of you, if that's what you're into. All this care is probably why it costs a whopping $399, but that price tag covers something money normally can't buy: A do-over. Like movies and mixtapes, sex toys can have a shadow cast on them if they're associated with a relationship that later ends. This is where the insurance comes in. "If in the unfortunate event that you experience a break up within a year of owning a TIANI™ 24k, you can return it to us and choose from a selection of LELO’s bestselling luxury pleasure products," the website says. This way, you don't have to sacrifice a perfectly good sex toy, but you no longer have to use the same one that you associate with happy memories of your ex-partner. This could mean exchanging it for a new Tiani 24k just for yourself, or another Lelo toy perfect for solo sex, like the Gigi 2 vibrator or the Soraya. Like the old adage goes, relationships end but sex toys are forever.

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