McDonald’s Introduces An Oreo Menu — That’s Right, That Oreo

Oreos are the type of cookie almost everyone can get behind. They’re delicious eaten whole or separated by cream and cookie. And they’re even vegan — well, almost. (While Oreo does say on its website that the cookies may cross paths with milk in the factories where they’re made, Oreos have long been the unofficial treat of vegans everywhere.) We’re all in for a new kind of treat now, it seems — those of us in Hong Kong anyway. According to Thrillist, McDonald’s Hong Kong has a new Oreo-themed menu. The cookie-centric menu is a collab with the McCafé brand (the trying-to-be-bougie coffee brand from Mickey D’s), and is being offered for a limited time only. Thrillist reports that the menu offers desserts like an Oreo Chocolate Cheese Tart and Oreo Tiramisu. Plus there are drinks, such as the Oreoccino, which is exactly what it sounds like, an Oreo cookie and cappuccino mashup. (So much tastier than anything Pitch Perfect’s Beca Mitchell could whip up.) This magical dream drink, topped with crushed cookie, comes in a cold and a hot version, so you can choose your beverage according to the weather. Below, a tweet of someone enjoying an Oreoccino in Hong Kong:
Now, what do we have to do to get this menu to come to the States? Whatever it is, we’ll try it.

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