This Woman Wore A “Make America Great Again” Hat — For A Good Cause

Bridget Todd showed up to Inauguration in a "Make America Great Again" hat — but not for the reason you'd think. While the cap was designed after the ones worn by Trump supporters, it actually reads "Black Lives Matter." "Love when Trump people in #DC for #Inauguration see my hat from afar only to look disappointed when they get close enough to read it," she tweeted. The post has gone viral, with over 100,000 likes. A Facebook troll inspired Emma Tolkin, a friend of Todd's, to design the hat. A woman wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap used an offensive term against Todd, so Tolkin wanted to turn the message on its head. "I’m a total troll, so I photoshopped a Trump-style 'Black Lives Matter' hat and offer[ed] it up as a Twitter avatar to confuse racists," she told Teen Vogue. Todd actually wanted to wear it, so they ordered it off a custom clothing site. The hat also serves to make a point about why the two elements of the design — the Trump-inspired visuals and "black lives matter" text — don't seem to go together. "It’ll be more important than ever for the Black Lives Matter movement to hold Trump accountable for his policies," Todd explained. "From day one in office, he has signaled how he feels about the movement for black lives by promising to end the 'dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America' on his newly unveiled administration website. This is a pretty clear signal of what we can expect for the next four years. Trump has already shown that he believes he can get away with anything. Who better than activists and organizers to make sure that doesn’t end up being the case? I’m grateful for the many organizations and organizers who are gearing up to fight for Black lives." All the while, the fashion choice has given people a good laugh, she said. "I live in a really diverse and progressive part of DC, so wearing the hat around my neighborhood got a lot of double takes and people busting out in laughter when they realized it wasn't an actual Trump hat."