Mandy Moore Talks About Her Numerous Fake Boobs

Photo: Ron Batzdorff/NBC.
It's easy to forget that shows aren't real life. The sets looks real, the actors' relationships seem authentic, and the music sets the mood. But then, actors go and blow the lid off of it all. In this particular case, we're really happy that Mandy Moore did, because this little piece of This Is Us trivia is so fun. Moore is the star of the wildly successful NBC series which chronicles decadelong spans of time for one big, complicated family. Because of the vast periods of time represented on the show, viewers see her hair changes, her makeup changes, and her bra size changes. "I think I had four different sets of boobs. Seriously," she told People at a Television Critics Association event. "There was like progression of like, this size boob, this size boob and then, like, gigantic. I was like, 'This is insanity.' And different pregnancy pads, yes. I was most interested in the different-sized cutlets that I had to put on." It makes sense, though. On top of her inflating and deflating chest size, Moore adjusted her breathing pattern to match that of a pregnant woman. "Just like a lot of breathing, as you can hear," she described. "Just heavy breathing. Because I imagine like lugging around an extra like 60, 70, maybe more pounds." Moore's commitment to her character's appearance may be part of the reason why the series has been renewed for not only one, but two more seasons.

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