This Baby Barista Brews A Mean Cup Of Coffee

Photo: Getty Images.
You don't often see toddlers ordering lattes at Starbucks or kids downing a few shots of espresso early in the morning. That might be because coffee is what some call "an acquired taste" or because it's kept away from kids for fear that it may stunt their growth, or maybe it's simply because they don't need the caffeine — it is, after all, socially acceptable for them to take naps every day. No matter the reason, coffee just isn't a drink for kids, and that's why 3-year-old Adler Webb is so unique. He is the world's youngest barista. Adler is the son of Andrew and Jenn Webb, who own Bindle Coffee in Fort Collins, CO. An Instagram post from the coffee shop's account explains, "He is curious and sweet and wants to know how things work. He already knows how to grind and tamp espresso and enjoys sneaking drinks of black coffee." The account also shows images of Alder practicing at the espresso machine with his dad and learning how to make pour over coffee for Brindle's customers.
If you're intrigued by the photos, you can see Adler in action in a video recently posted to Facebook by UniLad. The video shows the 3-year-old working with his father to make a cappuccino, and trust us when we tell you it's so, so cute. Take a look:
Alder's already got some major skills. Even if he doesn't top the cappuccino with the perfect foam art, that drink looks delicious. Plus, he's certainly got plenty of time to perfect his craft.

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