This Woman Got The “Worst DM” Because She Wears Glasses

A wise sage once said, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." While we're not ones to take cues from animated rabbits, one Twitter user could have used the advice. Eve Peyser, a writer and editor, got what she described as the "worst DM" when someone criticized her for wearing glasses and claimed that she was "hiding" behind glasses, and would be "drop-dead gorgeous" without her frames. "The person had DM'd me before to compliment my writing I think!" Peyser told Refinery29 in an email. "I have men send me psychotic messages regularly — one of the unfortunate side effects of writing while female — and I've definitely had dudes inform me I'd look hotter without my glasses." Fellow Twitter users rallied around Peyser tweet, offering words of support like "as a fellow glasses wearer, ignore the glasses haters and do what's best for the vision" and some advice for the gentleman in question: "why would anyone think this is a good idea."
Peyser didn't let the message get to her, though she says that it's not the first time that she's gotten comments about her glasses. "These comments don't hurt my feelings. They do however illustrate that many men really believe I care about and respect their assessment of my appearance. I don't. I wear glasses because I need them," she explained. "Surprisingly, being able to see is important to me, a woman. It feels insane that I even need to assert the reason I wear glasses." While Peyser didn't respond to the mystery man, she did add one more tweet comparing her situation to the very relatable, very true-to-live movie, She's All That. "I felt mostly amused while reading it, like this stranger took some time to send me a long ass message to 'help' me," Peyser said. "Get a life dude, and also, you're wrong."

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