Commence Freakout: A Cookie Dough Shop Is About To Open In New York

Photo: Courtesy of Cookie Du014c.
Cookies are a hard-to-beat dessert (or midday snack...or breakfast...), but one thing that is even better than those round biscuits of love is raw cookie dough. How many times have you gone to bake cookies, only to be completely distracted by the dough and just started spooning it all directly in your mouth? Like, every single time, right? We all do it. And, that's why there's a new shop dedicated to cookie dough opening up in New York City. is kind of an anti-bakery because there you can buy straight cookie dough and "cookie dough confections." According to GrubStreet, Dō's founder Kristen Tomlan was a devout cookie dough lover, who just wanted to find a safe way eat it unbaked. She came up with a mixture of pasteurized-egg product and heat-treated flour that's just as delicious as the stuff you've been eating out of the mixing bowl all your life. When she had her product, she started an online cookie dough retailer, and now she's opening a brick and mortar shop in Greenwich Village. As if being able to walk into a shop and order a cup of raw cookie dough wasn't good enough, Dō will also offer cookie dough treats. You'll find ice cream SanDOwiches, which are raw chocolate-chip cookie dough squares with cookie dough ice cream in the center. And there will be cookie dough ice cream pie and cookie dough Nutella cupcakes. You can also just order a cookie if you aren't feeling adventurous. The Dō shop officially opens next week, so until then you can find us drooling over their Instagram photos.

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