Cookie Dough-Stuffed Kit Kats Are Here & Oh So Sweet

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon
Say it with me: Cookie Dough Kit Kats. What sounds like a pregnancy craving personified is actually a real thing, and it's been flying off shelves in Europe since August. Now, Thrillist reports, the candy has made its way over to North America, but you're going to have to make the trek to Canada if you want one. This beautiful creation doesn't look like a regular Kit Kat, but I'm willing to bet a million dollars that it tastes even better. In order to accommodate the cookie dough goodness while still retaining the wafer of the original candy structure, the Cookie Dough Kit Kat is like a chunky, king-size version of a basic Kit-Kat ridge. Slat? Column? We need a Kit Kat dictionary, ASAP. But we need a Cookie Dough Kit Kat ASAP-er. Nestle has been struggling to keep the creation in stock across the pond, but its appearance in Canada suggests that maybe they're catching up. No word on when (if ever) we should expect this deliciousness to be available in the States, but you can order your own bar on Amazon to be delivered from Ireland. You know, if you're okay with shelling out $25. Crispy wafer? Creamy cookie dough? Layer of chocolate? On second thought, $25 is a steal.

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