Our Theories Were Right: Pixar’s Movies Are All Connected

A video posted to Toy Story's Facebook page supports a long-standing theory that Pixar's movies all take place in one, big connected world. "Oh my spurs! You ain't never seen Easter eggs like these, partner," the caption reads. If you watch the video closely, you'll notice the same images showing up in scenes from Monsters, Inc., Brave, Cars, Finding Nemo, and other Pixar films. There's a picture of James P. Sullivan, for example, on a wooden engraving in Brave, and there's a tapestry of Merida in Cars. In addition, one fan pointed out in the comments that Buzz Lightyear shows up in Finding Nemo. Another noticed the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story in A Bug's Life. Another thing multiple Pixar films have in common is the recurring presence of the number "A113," NME reports. This is a room at the California Institute of the Arts where founders Brad Bird and John Lasseter were in class together. Does all this mean the plots are connected at all? One commenter put forth another theory. "I don't blame Pixar for re-using assets," they wrote. "3D modeling takes a lot of time, so if you've already got stuff built, use it as much as you can."

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