Dear Bridesmaids, Groomsmen Have It Rough Too

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Too often, it's women whose wedding stories we hear about most often — especially when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. Men have it rough too, though. In a Reddit post, a determined bride-to-be asked users for help. One of her fiancé's groomsmen approached the couple about dropping out of the wedding for a sad and frustrating reason. "Today one of my future husband's groomsmen and close friends approached him telling him he wants to step down as a groomsmen," said wedditthrowaway8556. "The reason why he wants to step down is because he can't find a suit that fits him. Also that he feels like he would stand out too much. He is a larger guy," she continued. (Read the rest here.) That's right, the man was so frustrated with the lack of suits and tuxes available in his size, that he decided it best not to participate. Not okay, retailers, not okay. However after the woman posted in the forum, several users came to her rescue. "Please don't let him step down. As the wife of a large man who goes through similar difficulties - it will mean the world to him to be included," said angelkirie — before recommending Men's Wearhouse as an option. That recommendation seemed to do the trick. However, that didn't stop users from continuing to send an outpour of support, wisdom, and recommendations. "I never realized how geared for slender frames mens [sic] clothes are...If he feels that self concious [sic] about his size then make sure what he does find fits him well. A well fitting suit helps everyone feel better. Go to a big and tall maybe and ask for help in fitting. No shame in size," said seravivi. Check out the rest of the user comments. Seriously, it's the best comments section exchange you'll read today (and possibly ever).

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