Americans Eat An Almost Frightening Amount Of Cheese

Photo: Getty Images.
Americans love cheese. We've always known this. We eat it deep fried, from an aerosol can, and of course, just sliced straight off of a beautiful block. Hell, some Americans even wear cheese on their heads. If you were looking for even more proof, like cold hard statistics, we've got that now too. This week, Bloomberg reported that in the past few years Americans have been craving more cheese than ever. To be exact, we're each eating an average of about 35 pounds a year. That is a lot, but we totally believe it because, in our homes, cheese gets sprinkled on everything. According to Bloomberg, the government started tracking cheese data in 1975, and the past two years mark the highest average consumption since then. On top of that, in 2016, Americans apparently consumed twice the amount of domestic cheese eaten in 1980. And, it looks like our cheese habit is only going to keep growing this year, as artisan cheese was one of the National Restaurant Association's top predicted food trends for 2017. Buckle up, cheese lovers. It's going to be a good year.

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