This Horror Movie Is Going Viral After Making Viewers Faint At A Film Festival

On the surface, Raw seems like a quintessential French coming-of-age movie. In the trailer, there’s a beautiful young brunette, Justine, with some feelings we can’t quite read. She’s trying to fit in at her new veterinary school, which looks a lot like high school in some shots. Justine has a love interest who has a lot of sex appeal, and you can bet they're totally going to have sex. But there’s also some cannibalism going on, which is...weird. And apparently the cannibal scenes were so intense that some viewers at the Toronto International Film Festival passed out. Of course now everyone wants to see the horrific scenes that made other people sick. There is no hope for humanity. According to Vulture, the film is actually pretty good, shock value aside. Raw will be in theaters on March 10. But for now you can check out the trailer.

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