The Most Terrifying Hair Tale Was Caught On Video — & It’s Going Viral

Anyone who knows the feeling of getting a pair of dangly earrings stuck on something can understand that having long hair is a serious liability. Getting tangled up in everyday objects (scarves, seatbelts, sunglass arms...) has always been par for the course. But finding your hair caught in the propellers of a drone? Now that is a distinctly 2017 #longhairproblem — and it’s exactly what happened to one woman, whose husband managed to capture the traumatizing moment on video.
Sheena, the clip’s unfortunate star, explained to Mashable that the situation started out innocently enough. Her husband decided to land the drone on her back, but it quickly all went downhill when the spinning propellers somehow managed to take hold of her hair. As she was assessing the damage, the couple’s two-year-old daughter seized control of the remote from the other room and sent the drone into a feeding frenzy once again. The whole thing hurts to watch. The debacle ended in one involuntary haircut for Sheena and a sliced hand for her husband, who got wounded while freeing her from the deathtrap. Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, but lesson learned: Long hair and drones do not play well together. The future of technology is here, and it’ll tear your hair right out of your scalp if you’re not careful.

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