Your Favorite Childhood Chips Are About To Undergo A MAJOR Change

Photo: Courtesy of Pringles.
Since the beginning, Pringles were meant to be the new and improved version of the classic potato chip. They don't break apart or have too much grease, making them an ideal snack. Many of us enjoyed those saddle-shaped potato chip throughout our childhood. After years of us packing Pringles potato chips in our school lunch boxes, Pringles LOUD is putting its signature twist on corn chips and vegetable crisps, too. It's not just the iconic shape that Pringles is bringing to these new types of chips, it's also infusing the snacks with bolder flavors. The LOUD line features five new types, including Spicy Queso, Salsa Fiesta, Super Cheesy Italian, Fiery Chili Lime, and Mighty Margarita Pizza. While Pringles LOUD will still come in that same iconic round tube you're used to, the packaging is meant to look sleeker to reflect the "grown-up" take on our favorite childhood snack. The new tubes will hit grocery store shelves this month and will be sold for around $1.69 each. We fully expect these chips to pack a major punch on our adult taste buds even though some of the flavors feel a more outside-the-box than we'd usually go for in a chip. (We're looking at you Mighty Margarita Pizza.) Will you try the new flavors or are you partial to more classic chips? Let us know in the comments.

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