This Student Smuggled His Dog Into College & It Hilariously Backfired

There are many things you aspire to do when you're in college, such as meeting new and interesting people, finding yourself, or having amazing learning experiences. But thanks to a student at Oregon State University, we have a new goal: Smuggling our family dog back to school. Meet Sean, a 20-year-old sophomore who decided to bring his 7-year-old dog Willy back to college after the holidays. According to BuzzFeed, he had tried to do the same thing during the fall semester, but his parents intervened. "After that I got the feeling from them it wasn’t too big of a deal," he said. This time though, he was able to smuggle Willy into school successfully, and planned to keep him around for a week. One little problem? His parents got very angry.
Sean told BuzzFeed that his mom texted him things like, "your dad is pissed" and "you already don’t remember to feed him when you’re home." "They were worried that I wouldn’t be able to take care of him, but I brought a tub of his food and his favorite toys," Sean said. "He was in for a fun week but it got shut down." So after just one night, Sean made the drive home and returned Willy to his rightful place.
He tweeted about the experience and, naturally, the story quickly went viral. "I think the idea of taking your dog to college is something everybody wants to do but obviously isn’t able to," he told BuzzFeed. We hope Sean has better luck next time — after all, Willy deserves a higher education, too!

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