Can You Guess Which Spots In A Restaurant Are The Germiest?

Photographed by Maria del Rio.
Have you ever walked into a restaurant, seen your reserved table being wiped down with a grimy-looking wet towel and immediately wanted to turn around and leave to go eat in the comfort of your own home? Your house may be dirty, but at least the germs there are yours and you know where all your rags have been. That instinct you have to run from the restaurant in fear may seem a little extreme, but it turns out it's actually pretty practical because there are a whole lot of germs on restaurant tables. A recent video from Buzz60 lays out all the most germ-ridden spots in a restaurant, and it kind of has us thinking, wow, I really didn't want to know that. But, knowledge is power, people, which means, knowing where the germs lie when you go out to eat will help you take steps to avoid them. So where are the germiest spots in a restaurant? You better believe tables made the list. The video explains that those towels the restaurant workers use to wipe down the tables are often not left in the disinfectant liquid long enough, which means germs are spread from table to table. Other germ carriers are the forks, spoons, and knives you're eating with. Gross, I know. Utensils are often placed right on the dirty table which means they become contaminated too. To avoid this one, the video suggests always asking for a fresh set when you're seated. It may seem like a high maintenance request, but it could prevent the spread of germs. Watch Buzz60's video below to get the full list of dirty restaurant spots. Hopefully, it doesn't put you off your favorite diner or bistro.

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