Barb Just Rose From The Dead For The Golden Globes

Barb is alive. I repeat: Barb is alive. And she reappeared just in time for the 2017 Golden Globes.

For months, Stranger Things fans have been waiting for the return of the iconic high schooler who we lost in the Upside Down many moons ago. Who knew we would finally get it at the hands of Jimmy Fallon?

Barb, who was played by the talented Shannon Purser, appeared in the impressive opening sequence of the awards show in a dramatic synchronized swimming routine. In case you weren't able to catch it, here's a gif of the glorious moment.
Gif: Courtesy of NBC.
It's unclear if this means she;s back for good or will reappear in season 2 of the series, but either way it was a pleasant surprise. We missed you, Barb! Twitter especially so.


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