This Magical Device Turns Any Fruit Into Booze With The Press Of A Button

Photo: Courtesy of Alchema.
If you love hard cider, but have already tried every single flavor and brand you've been able to track down, it might be time for you to move on to brewing your own at home. I know that sounds like a big undertaking to just throw out so casually, but thanks to a genius kitchen appliance, it's actually never been easier. Alchema is a home cider system that connects to your smartphone for super simple use. Once you've got the gadget in your kitchen, all you have to do is select a recipe from the Alchema app. Then, you will be walked through the preparation process of pouring in different fruits, spices, and yeast. The app even keeps track of how much of every ingredient you've added, making it nearly impossible to mess up. Once it's all inside, press start, and you'll have fresh, home-brewed cider in just one to two weeks, depending on the

According to Mashable
, Alchema makes around three wine bottles worth of alcohol at a time. Perfect for a party, or a Netflix night in with friends. The batches produced range in alcohol content from 3.2 percent to 10.8 percent.
You're probably already sold on the concept if you're crazy about cider, but actually buying this might depend on exactly how cider-crazy you really are. That's because it will run you $499, and with the cost of fruit, yeast, and other ingredients, you're not really going to end up saving on alcohol purchases. However, if you love to be creative in the kitchen and happen to have the extra cash, Alchema could be a fun, boozy buy.

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