Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Photo Of Sliced Ham

If anything weird occurs somewhere in this world, leave it to Reddit to share it with everyone. That's what user MelvinDickpictweet — I know, I'm sorry — did yesterday when they posted a strange picture of ham. The Reddit post was brought to our attention by New York Magazine's Select All, and no matter how big a ham fan you are, it will probably make you a little nauseous. Not because it's gross or anything, but because it appears blurry. Take a look at the photo, here.
The poster of the photo — I'm not going to say the name again — wrote, "This sliced ham looks like it's out of focus." Indeed, when you look at the picture, it seems like it was taken with an unfocused camera or a fuzzy lens. The ham is actually just very thinly sliced, and the resulting translucent slices create this optical illusion. In case you didn't believe that this really wasn't just a blurry picture, the original poster followed up with a video of the ham. It's good to have further proof of this strange optical illusion, but I recommend not staring at it too long. It might ruin ham sandwiches forever, and that would be truly tragic.

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