Oreo Eggs Are Officially Coming To America

Photo: Courtesy of Oreo U.S.
It looks like you will no longer have to rely on your Canadian friends to smuggle Cadbury Oreo Eggs across the border. Oreo U.S. has just confirmed it is bringing a version of the eggs to America. An Oreo rep told us that a new Oreo Egg with a cookies and creme center will hit various shelves nationwide in mid-February. That Cadbury Oreo Eggs everyone has been talking about is still only available in Canada. We aren't complaining, though. We'll take any Oreo Egg we can get.
This article was originally published on January 6, 2017.
One of the most exciting parts about Easter is all the egg-shaped candy. We know Easter feels really far away, but we're already thinking about these candies because they're that delicious. There are peanut butter eggs from Reese's and malted milk eggs from Whoppers, but the queen of this category comes from Cadbury. The Cadbury Creme Egg, in all its many varieties — original, caramel, chocolate creme — has always been the shining star in my Easter morning basket. But, there's another flavor that was released last year, and we are only just now finding out about it. This wouldn't bother us so much except that it's quite possibly the most amazing flavor Cadbury could have ever thought of, so we wish someone had told us the moment it was released. The candy in question is the Cadbury Oreo Egg. Perhaps one of the main reasons we weren't aware of the egg's existence is that the flavor is only available in Canada. Sadly, we have yet to get the goods for a taste test, but based on a photo originally posted by JunkBanter that has recently been circulating around the internet, the treat appears to have the same chocolate shell we know and love from all of Cadbury's Eggs. What differs, though, is the delicious mess inside. Crack the egg open, and you'll find what appears to be a cream that's similar to what you get between your Oreos. And bits of chocolate cookie are interspersed throughout the cream filling. So yeah, we're currently drooling over the photos and trying to figure out if we know anyone in Canada that can do us a solid and send some our way.

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