Jonathan Cheban Calls Ray J A "Loser" After Kim K. Sex Tape Reference

Yes, Kim Kardashian West made a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend, a rapper you probably don't listen to, named Ray J. Yes, it contributed to her name being in headlines back in the day. Yes, Kanye West just rapped about it on a track from The Life Of Pablo.

But no, that does not mean that petty Ray J has to bring it up every time he is near a microphone (which, luckily for Kim, isn't often). At least Kim has her long-time best friend Jonathan Cheban.

On January 3, during the reveal of housemates for this season of Britain's Celebrity Big Brother, ET reports that housemate Ray J took to the stage and said, "You might know me for a lot of things – music, reality TV, oh, and you might also know me for my dick. People wanna know about the sex tape with me and Kim Kardashian. Order it, put some money in my pocket… Y’all still jerking off to the sex tape? Enjoy!"

Ew, ew, and ew. He then queued up his song, "Hit It First," which references what else but the sex tape with Kim.

Cheban took to Twitter to subtly (but not really) address the "loser."
He then declared his allegiance for Ray J's competition, fellow reality star duo Speidi, consisting of fan favorites Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.
It also appears that Cheban himself could be involved in the show as he is en route to London now.
Or maybe he's going to personally talk to Ray J himself about finding something else to do with his time rather than obsess over his much-more-famous-than-him ex.

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